Jun Futamata

Vocal / Lyrics / Compose / Painter






帰国後、「東京マラソン」公式スターティングテーマ歌唱、NHK「サイエンスZERO」テーマ歌唱、映画「パラダイス・キス」、ドラマ「緊急取調室」「僕のいた時間」、アニメ「ポケットモンスター」「スター☆トゥインクル プリキュア」などの劇伴歌唱、「ディズニー」公式カバーアルバムに抜擢される他、ヤマザキ春のパン祭り、ピザハット、ロクシタン、バンダイ、三井不動産などの企業CM、J-wave、FM横浜、JFNなどラジオの選曲、ジングル提供、東京モーターショー三菱自動車ステージ音楽などに起用され、参加アルバムがiTunes総合チャートで1位を獲得、ダンスチャートで6週連続1位を記録するなど、多方面でその歌声を評価されている。



She expresses sound like drawing a watercolor
By her innocent and nostalgic singing voice with the essence of classical and world music.

Since 2005, she has participated in TV commercials such as Pizza-Hut, IBM, and numbers of major artist CDs as a vocal, chorus singer, and chorus arranger.

Becomes popular with her unique singing voice and excellent chorus work.

Her voice with a sense of transparency has gained popularity, working as a radio MC for three and a half years.

In 2006, she went to New York alone and studied under the jazz pianist Barry Harris.

She learned b-bop method and improvisational code progression.

At the same time, she repeatedly had improvisation sessions with talented musicians at a jazz club in New York.

After returning to Japan, She was appointed to various projects such as Disney official album, and Tokyo marathon official starting theme song.

The album become No,1 on the iTunes Music Store overall chart, and kept being No,1 for 6 weeks on the dance chart.

She sang in the commercials of Pizza Hut, IBM, MAZDA, and Mitsubishi Motors.

She sang in movies, TV series, anime series soundtracks, and also radio jingles.

​The performances have been evaluated in various fields, such as the Tokyo Motorcycle Show Ducati booth, the Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi Motors Stage Music, and the Mazda New Car Show.

She has a great reputation for live performance using loop machines.

In 2019 and 2020, she participated in the Saitama International Arts Festival SACP as a performer, and produced music for a radio program in the Boso Satoyama Art Festival Ichihara Art Mix.

In 2021, she will release her first collection of works as a solo artist, "GRAVITY".