This is a private page dedicated to Iceland Airwaves 2019, opened only for those who know the link.

This page will be closed on August 31, 2019.

I'm a singer from Tokyo.

Until now, my main works has been to provide songs for movies, TV series and TV commercials in Japan.

Now, I'm recording my first original album, which is going to be released in winter 2019.


As I was making my own album, while exploring the underlying emotions and
impulses, I began to feel a connection with the art of the country of Iceland.

I have been influenced not only by music but also by modern architecture, artists and fashion.

When, I saw an article on recruitment of airwaves, I had no choice but to apply.

The album is still unreleased, so I will send a link to my private page instead of YouTube.

Although I am not famous, my goal is to be able to sing in Iceland.

It would mean a lot to me if I could be a part of Airwaves 2019.

無の喪失 -Loss of Nothing-

Peace Gravity


Jun Futamata1st Album Digest

Jun Futamata     



She expresses sound like drawing a watercolor

By her innocent and nostalgic singing voice with the essence of jazz and world music.


Since 2005, she has participated in TV commercials such as Pizza-Hut, IBM, and numbers of major artist CDs as a vocal, chorus singer, and chorus arranger.

Becomes popular with her unique singing voice and excellent chorus work.

Her voice with a sense of transparency has gained popularity, working as a radio MC for three and a half years.


In 2006, she went to New York alone and studied under the jazz pianist Barry Harris.

She learned b-bop method and improvisational code progression.

At the same time, she repeatedly had improvisation sessions with talented musicians at a jazz club in New York.


After returning to Japan, She was appointed to various projects such as Disney official album, and Tokyo marathon official starting theme song.

The album become No,1 on the iTunes Music Store overall chart, and kept being No,1 for 6 weeks on the dance chart.


She sang in the commercials of Pizza Hut, IBM, MAZDA, and Mitsubishi Motors.

She sang in movies, TV series, anime series soundtracks, and also radio jingles.


​The performances have been evaluated in various fields, such as the Tokyo Motorcycle Show Ducati booth, the Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi Motors Stage Music, and the Mazda New Car Show.


She has a great reputation for live performance using loop machines.

Jun Futamata Solo Live Japan tour (Live)

Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi Motors (Stage Music)

Tokyo Motorcycle Show Ducati booth (Live)

Mazda New Car Show (Live)

CASIO New Collection Show (Live)

Private Planet Japan tour (Live)

note native Japan tour (Live)

C&K Ryōgoku Kokugikan Live (Chorus)

Tokyo Roppongi Hills in SUMMER (Live)


TVCM Pizza Hut (Song / Narration / Sound Logo)

TVCM Imoto no WiFi (Chorus)

TVCM Anime Precure (Song)



WEBCM Mitsui Real Estate (Song)



Movie / TV / Others

2019 TV series ”Kinkyu-Torishirabesitsu ~Emergency control room~” Soundtrack (Song)

2019 Anime TV Series ”STAR TWINKLE PRECURE” Soundtrack (Song)

2011~2019 ”Tokyo Marathon” Official Starting Theme Song (Song)

2014 TV series ”Boku no Ita Jikan” Soundtrack (Song)

2013 TV News ”Mezamashi TV” BGM (Song)

2012 Japanese comedian Bakarhythm ”SPORTS” Stage Ending Theme (Song)

2011 Movie “Paradise Kiss” Soundtrack (Lyrics / Song)

Recording / Vocal Directions / Chorus

Akiko Wada

Hiroshi Itsuki



Nozomi Sasaki

note native

Private Planet (RAM RIDER)

Nishihara Kenichiro


2011-2019 FM YOKOHAMA “Future Scape“ (Song / Narration)

2010-2019 FM J-wave “TOKYO MORNING RADIO“ Jingle (Song)

2010-2019 FM J-wave 81.3 Jingle (Song)

2012 JFN “Ongaku-Jiyuku“ (Song Selection / Ending Theme song singing)

2002-2006 FM J-wave “Music Hyper Market“ (MC)

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